February 4, 2017

How do online slot games work?

If you like to gamble than you have probably heard or played on a slot machine at least once in your life. These little fun time wasters can take your time and pay out with nothing, or they can pay out big depending on the jackpot size of that particular machine.

But since many people don’t have time to travel to a casino to gamble at these machines, many have turned their gambling activities to the online market. Here if you want to play slot machines, you don’t have to walk for miles to find an empty slot, and you don’t have to wonder if the machines are rigged in some way.

The online slot machines are the most up-to-date gambling programs that have over 1000 different game modes. Starting from the single three spinning slots types to the complex multiple slot machines. What it all boils down to when playing these online slot machines is the RNG.

RNG stands for random numbers generator, and it is responsible for the numbers that jump in front of your screen when you click that play button. Since this mechanism can’t be recorded into the machine algorithm, it is very hard for an online gambling site to cheat you of your winnings.

In the real slot machines there is a set number of pulls that must happen before the slot is ready to pay out, but on the online slot games, the machines can pay out now or in a couple thousand pulls, it’s all up to the RNG.

Advantages when playing online slot machines

There are tons of advantages when you play online slot machines compared to the physical ones.

– First of all, you don’t have to leave your home, if it is too hot or too cold outside, you can just stay at home and have fun.

– Second, you don’t have to wait for other players to stand up from the machine where you like to play, you can just play the same game online very time you want.

– Third, playing online does not bring the risk of getting robbed while carrying an enormous amount of cash. If you like to gamble big your credit card will be enough, and if you win big you again don’t have to carry the money, it is automatically added to your credit card.


Online gambling is the future, and many people from around the world are joining in this new fun activity since it provides tons of benefits compared to the physical gambling. And it also is a much safer way to play this game.

February 4, 2017

How to play – learn the best tactics for winning

There are tons of ways to gamble online, and sometimes you will have to set up a few rules and follow a few guidelines, so you come out on top. The best strategies and tips can be applied to all kinds of games whether you play it online or down at your local casino. We will list a few so you can start implementing them in your games today!

1) Decide how much you want to spend in advance

If you choose how much you want to spend before you start playing then no matter if you lose all your money or win, you did not betray yourself. The biggest problem with gamblers is that if they start losing, then they start spending all their money. Even the money that was left for their rent, or for that new car that you were saving for. That is a mistake! NEVER GAMLE LIKE THAT. If you start losing just cut your losses and move on, life is not always about winning, sometimes it is best to decide up front what you want and if you don’t get that, walk away.

2) Check the odds on your game

There are tons of games you can play online; some will be against other players while others will be against the computers RNG. While you can’t always win, you can always decide where you have the highest chance to win. If you are good at reading people and you know how to count the cards to a degree than maybe online poker is the game for you. If you just want to flip the switch till you get something than slot machines or some other game that has a higher chance for you to win is better.

3) Don’t become superstitious

The games played online are mostly based on RNG. These games don’t hold a particular pattern where you can calculate and make a strategy for winning. You can’t predict them, and there is no chance that whatever you do that it can affect your chance of winning. So before you become a witch doctor throwing voodoo magic on your screen, realize that your superstition won’t help you win.

4) Make sure to have fun

Most people when they start gambling, begin playing these games for fun. Somewhere down the line people decide to get serious and forget that it is in fact JUST A GAME. When people become too attached to a specific game, they get all superstitious, and they get nervous when they start losing. Even if we do understand that nobody likes to lose, we also have to point out that you should never gamble to make a profit. If all the games you play, you play for fun, then the profit will come sooner or later. If you don’t win for a long time, at least you had fun!

February 4, 2017

Types of games

Everyone who likes to gamble knows there are tons of games to be played. The trick is to find out what you enjoy the most and what you are good at. If you are not sure what kind of games, you might like we will help you with a list of games that can be played online.

First, we have to divide the games based on their type.

– Video Poker and other card games

– Table Games

– The roulette games

– The slot type of games

– The special games (which don’t belong to any of the above types)

You can have tons of fun playing all of them, but some games you play against the computer, and some you play against other people. Depending on your preference you can choose which games you want to try out first.

Then we can start listing the specific games in those categories.


Slots – Games in this category include:

– 3D slots

– 3, 5, 7 reel machines

– Video slots games

– Classic slots games

– Fruity machines

– Single and multiple pay line slots

– Multipliers

– Free spins

– Cascading

And much more.


Blackjack – one of the most popular card games and its variations:

– Perfect Pairs

– European Blackjack

– Chinese Blackjack

– Spanish 21

– Pontoon

– Blackjack Switch

– Super Fun 21

– Atlantic City Blackjack

– Bonus Blackjack

Video Poker – This is the most popular online card game, and it also comes in different game variations

– Bonus Deuces Wild

– Joker Poker

– Bonus Poker

– Deuces Wild

– Double Jackpot Poker

– Jacks or Better

– Bonus Poker Deluxe

– Loose Deuces


Roulette – Roulette has also grown into a multiple sub-genre game where the most popular are:

– Live Roulette (online only)

– Multi-Wheel Roulette

– European Roulette

– French Roulette

– 3D Roulette

– Multi-Ball Roulette

Besides the games listed above, many games are popular in the online gambling community, but they don’t fall into the category of the ones mentioned above.

The special games

– Baccarat

– Craps

– Keno

– Pai Gow Poker

– Let Em Ride

– Caribbean Holdem

– Caribbean Stud

– Tri Card Poker

– Vegas Three Card Rummy

– Various Scratch Card games

If you are unsure where to start, try reading some of the online reviews about specific games. You can even find lots of tutorials on YouTube. But the most important thing that you should know before you start playing any of these games is that you must remember to HAVE FUN while you play them.